Insurance Companies
Insurance Companies
Most Property and Casualty Insurance carriers rely on field inspections to assess and manage risk. Unfortunately, these critical decisions are based on various disorganized data collected in the field. Typically, many aspects of the inspection workflow, data collection and processes are not integrated, resulting in repetitive data entry and/or loss of data. This dramatically reduces the productivity of staff and increases the amount of uncertainty within the decision-making process.

Digitek offers an online Inspection Management web application, called Web-enabled Relational Database System (WRDS). The WRDS application is a state-of-the-art, web-based business solution that makes all information about an inspection available at the click of a button from anywhere and at any time. Configurable for inspections for virtually any line of business, WRDS system provides dramatic increases in productivity for field inspectors, underwriters and management.

Customer Module
  • Customer Users (usually Insurance Company or an Underwriting department) can order inspections online.
  • User can add special instructions, re-use Agent and/or Underwriter information or order multiple inspections.
  • User can track the complete lifecycle of an order (order entry, order assignment, inspection, quality assurance and closing of an order) in real time.
  • User can communicate with the Inspection Company or Loss Control manger for a specific order and save all communications related to an inspection as part of the permanent record.
  • User can download completed inspection reports in a consistent, clean, customized electronic format.
  • User can generate aggregate or drill-down reports (Insured-to-Value reports, Inspection Turnaround report, etc.).
  • An Administrative section allows a Super User to manage agent and underwriter master tables, manage individual user access levels and add and remove users, as necessary.
Inspector Module
  • Inspectors receive all new orders instantaneously Inspector has a single-click access to a list of all new orders and pending orders
  • Inspector can sort pending orders by multiple criteria and print selected order tickets for field use
  • Inspector can create a round trip map using Google Maps with a single click or export inspection addresses into Microsoft Streets and Trips.
  • Inspector can download blank forms for field use.
  • Inspector uses intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface for completion of inspection data entry online.
  • Inspector can use a fully integrated sketching tool to draw the sketch, calculate the area and populate all area-related fields on the inspection form to reduce data entry time and eliminate calculation errors.
  • Inspector can add extra forms or riders as necessary.
  • Inspector can upload any number of digital photos directly on the order with just a few clicks.
  • WRDS has automated inspection fee preparation and submission to save time and increase accuracy.
  • Inspector can view all submitted invoices as well as approved invoices at the click of a button.
Office Module
  • Office module allows the Loss Control management team to completely manage the inspection lifecycle.
  • Office User can enter inspection orders online or import multiple orders with a single click.
  • User can allocate orders to individual Inspectors based on business criteria (type of inspection, geographical territory, etc.) with a single click.
  • User can track status of inspections at various stages, communicate with Inspector and/or Customer about a specific inspection for status update, or request additional information.
  • User can perform quality assurance on completed inspections and make changes in data.
  • User can calculate replacement cost at the click of a button using leading replacement cost service providers such as Marshall Swift, E2Value or ISO.
  • User can review completed inspection report, including all customized formatting, photos, sketch and replacement cost breakdown.
  • User can re-assign inspections from one inspector to another inspector; re-open an order that was closed previously or allocate/re-assign completed inspections to individual QA user.
  • User can process Customer Invoices and Inspector Fees quickly, easily and accurately.
  • User can easily compile summary reports (Inspection Turnaround report, ITV report, Liability report, Hazard report, etc.).
  • An Office Super User can set up and manage individual user’s data including add, remove, change user data and access level as well as set up and manage Customer and Inspector master data.
  • Other features include sending memos to Inspectors and/or other HQ Users on general topics, maintaining and sharing office calendar, uploading field inspection forms and other documents (for download by Inspectors) and much, much more.
  • You are light years ahead of your competition with this system …”
    PL Loss Control Manager, a Large Mutual Insurance Company
  • “I am extremely pleased with the level of service that Digitek has shown us along with the power of the WRDS tool.  Our employees love it and as we work to tweak things, their experience will just keep getting better. Working with Digitek has been one of the best vendor relationships I have been involved with in a long time and is a relationship recognized as a success across Frontline”
    Chief Information Officer, an Insurance Carrier
  • “I love that we can take suggestions from WRDS users, explain to Digitek the type of result that we are looking for, and get the finished result in a timely manner.”
    Underwriter, an Insurance Carrier
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